Managing Anxiety and Pain Caused by Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia?

Severe pain, anxiety, abdominal problems, and depression. These are just a few symptoms that fibromyalgia exhibits. Fibromyalgia is considered as a syndrome rather than a disease due to its many symptoms. With multiple symptoms acting simultaneously, patients find it hard to determine that they are affected with the condition. It does not also cause any physical deformities, like that of arthritis, nor does it affect any internal organs, which it makes it even harder to diagnose.

So what is fibromyalgia? And how does it affect a person?

Coined from the New Latin word fibro which means fibrous tissues, the Greek word myos which means muscles, and algos which means pain, fibromyalgia is often characterized by widespread pain affecting several parts of the body and more specifically the tender points found in the shoulders, back, hips, arms, and legs. Pain intensifies when pressure is applied to these tender points which today serve as the main diagnostic procedure to determining fibromyalgia for reasons that laboratory tests reveal no indications.

Fibromyalgia is commonly found in women between ages 35 to 55. There are also cases documented in men, children, and the elderly. It occurs independently or can even be associated with another disease. The causes are generally unknown while treatment is relatively difficult and may require a combination of methods throughout a considerable amount of time.

What are the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

Often categorized as a fatigue disorder, the most prevalent symptom that fibromyalgia exhibit is pain — severe and widespread pain. Imagine feeling pain all over the body without knowing what triggers it. The condition can be excruciating and to some may even be disabling to incapability to cope with simple day to day activities.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome or FMS exhibits a wide spectrum of symptoms which includes:

  • Widespread pain
  • Morning stiffness
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Cognitive or memory impairment
  • Depression
  • Abdominal Problems
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Other symptoms include significant weight gain, menstrual cramps, dizziness, nausea, poor eyesight or impaired vision, chronic headaches, involuntary twitching of muscles, weakness, and problems related to skin, hair, and nails.

What are the effects of fibromyalgia to overall health?

The good news is that fibromyalgia is not degenerative in nature. Although symptoms are chronic, pain however fluctuates throughout the course of the day. Since the condition is also associated with sleep disorders, pain may be more prevalent during the morning as compared to most parts of the day. Menopausal or premenstrual conditions that result to hormonal imbalance may also result for fibromyalgia symptoms to intensify from time to time.

The proper combination of prescribed treatment, therapeutic program, proper diet and nutrition, physical exercise, and supplementation may improve overall condition and physical health.

What are the ways to relieve the many symptoms caused by fibromyalgia?

There is no single way to treat fibromyalgia. Each individual will require a different set of methods and treatment programs. Being comprised with multiple symptoms, it also follows also that treatment may be of various methods and techniques. With pain as its main and most significant symptom, most people who suffer from this condition would think that addressing pain issues, its triggers, and origins would be the most appropriate solution to combat the disease.

Experts on fibromyalgia however believe improving quality of sleep will yield better results and will improve health conditions considerably. Below are a few tried and tested treatment procedures and programs for fibromyalgia which are often applied together

  • Prescription Medication
  • Physical Therapy or Trigger Point Therapy
  • Physical Exercise
  • Proper Diet and Nutrition

The four above listed treatment options addresses a specific area that covers treatment of fibromyalgia which is why these options are often included within one treatment program. Medication reduces pain, relieves anxiety, and sleep disorder. Physical therapy or trigger point therapy covers the area of relaxation and recovery. Physical exercise aims to recover from weakness and restore physical strength while proper diet and nutrition with the help of select natural supplements relieve stress and address overall health and physical well-being.

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10 Tips to Finding an Apartment

Design, themes, interior, exterior, windows, floorings, a pocket garden, or maybe even a yard — those are just some of the many things that you get to notice first when choosing an apartment. Finding an apartment that will suit your needs, specifications, and budget can be a time consuming endeavor. It’s fun and exciting though, to view one apartment unit after another, gives you ideas, and often inspires you on how to arrange and decorate your own unit. But do bear in mind that the process of finding an apartment will surely entail costs, and not mention the travel time to visit and view the unit. But you have to be thorough, for indeed an apartment lease is a major purchase and you would want to make sure that you find the perfect unit that suits you best.

You can actually make the process of finding an apartment fun, exciting, and at the same time cost and time efficient. Here are some tips on how to make finding an apartment simpler and easier:

1.    Consider the factors why you want to look for a new apartment

You might be looking for a bigger apartment to suit the needs of your growing family, or smaller unit to save money, maybe one that is close to work or to school or you might be trying to find your first apartment. There are varying factors and conditions on why you will look for a apartment, and having this in mind will help you arrive at a decision.

2.    Determine Location

There are plenty of apartments out there for rent, and sometimes the more options you see, the harder it is to arrive at a decision. Location is one of the major factors that will of course determine your decision. Narrow down your choices to the specific location that you plan to move, whether it’s within the same neighborhood or town, or to an entirely different region, clustering your options will help you find, compare, choose, and decide.

3.    Set Your Budget

Singing a lease for an apartment will require a considerable amount of money. Finding out the price range based on your desired location and apartment unit specifications will help you determine how much you need to shell out at first. You would also have to consider that it entails not only a monthly recurring rate, but may also include other fees and charges such as parking fees, fees for amenities, and perhaps building maintenance fees, factor these in before making a decision. Other external budgets may also be affected once you move such as transportation or gasoline expenses for you go to the office or to school, and with other members of the household as well. Including these aspects in the formula will help you narrow down your choices to arrive at the best choice.

4.    Figure out the size and major features that you want

You will want to be comfortable in your new place once you move in. And the factors that will affect those are mainly the features that are offered in the apartment, the number of rooms, toilet and bath, and other features will surely play a big role in your decision making process. Viewing the apartment will be the best step for you to take before making a final decision.

5.    External factors

There are also external factors that will affect your decision, proximity to the office, school, or other institutions and establishments that you visit. The type of neighborhood or community that your chosen apartment unit is located in, the facilities offered within the vicinity, all those play a role as well.

6.    Environment

What type of environment will be most suitable for your lifestyle? Will it be a commercial location or a purely residential location? Rates and features of apartment units vary based on these factors.

7.    Review contract of lease

Ask for a copy of the contract of lease before deciding, thoroughly review all items included in the contract such as rent, rent adjustment, fees, and charges, maintenance, terms, and other conditions that apply.

8.    Check if all features and facilities are working before moving in

Facilities like electrical, plumbing, heat and all other features of the apartment either major or minor must be checked prior to moving in. You might want to bring in the professional to check these facilities for you. This will ensure that all features are functioning properly. This will also save you money on maintenance costs in the long run.

9.    Prepare to move in your apartment

Plan your move. Plan how you will allocate the space. Determine which items you can bring in which ones you need to buy, It is also best to plan which items go in first. A well plan and organized move will help you settle in faster and smoother.

10.    Make use of helpful tools online

To maximize time, effort, and money, there are plenty of online sites like that offer helpful tools to finding an apartment, Websites, online directories, and listings can help you arrive at a list of choices. These sites also offer online tools to make your search faster and easier. You can search apartments for rent based on location, price range, and features. Photos are often available for you to conveniently view while online tools and mobile apps such as maps and locators can help you find the best apartment to suit your needs.

“Chernobyl Diaries” Sparks New Interest in Radioactive City

For anyone alive at the time the events of April 26, 1986 will forever be remembered as one of the worst environmental disasters in history. The meltdown of reactor number 4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant led to the radiation poisoning of hundreds of thousands of people, animals, and land. Although it took a few days for word to get out and the Soviet Union to accept responsibility by the time all was said and donethe nuclear fallout not only reached surrounding countries like Belarus, Russia and Ukraine but was also registered in countries as far away as Italy and Moldova.

With nearly 3 decades having passed since the meltdown new interest in the power plant and the nearby city of Pripyat has recently sparked. Hollywood, always looking for new material for the latest movie, has produced a new horror film “Chernobyl Diaries.” Although the movie presents a unique twist on the abandoned city, according to , it isn’t the first project to come from the event.

For those looking for a real adventure you can actually visit the city for a surprisingly low cost. For under $500 you can go on a guided tour of Pripyat ; visiting sites such as the abandoned Ferris wheel and empty buildings as well as view the wide array of Soviet Union propaganda. Because the city is still considered radioactive there are areas that visitors are restricted from so you are required to stay with the guide at all times. If you are looking for something new to see this summer, visiting the abandoned city of Pripyat is sure to wow your friends and leave them speechless.

Visit Japan and Expand Your Cultural Horizons

Planning a visit to one or more of the Asian countries is a popular travel adventure for many Western people. In addition to all of the amazing landmarks, geographic features and cultural elements, there are some great cuisine options. Overall these vacations are intended to have a great time, though they also enrich our lives and cultural diversity understanding. Traveling to a different country will contribute to the growth and mind expansion of children, and this is particularly true when encountering cultures that are different from your own. And if your children are planning a future career in language translation, or even cultural relationships, such as those related to economy and political relationships, then having had traveled to that country is always a valuable tool.

Japan has intrigued Western visitors for centuries and it is full of amazing historic landmarks, as well as an incredibly progressive contemporary cultural and entertainment scene. This is one way to explore world history, and various history games can be built around your trip. If the vacation is intended to increase your child’s cultural orientation , you can plan trips and use flash cards and other learning tools along the way. Before you attend a brilliant Noh theatre performance, simply create a few index cards with pictures and appropriate descriptive words and then quiz your child on what they found in the production. Noh is known for its use of symbolism and stylized movements. These are easily translated into learning games that will also enhance minds due to their cultural significance.

Regardless of where you plan to vacation, there are always great learning opportunities such as those described above that you can use to make the most of your trip, support your child’s growth and ensure that they will remember the things they saw and did long after the trip has ended. In addition to the theatre, Japanese cuisine is a great way to introduce specific cultural heritage and make a learning game from the experience. You can also create a comparative religion exercise by creating a bible quiz and paring it with elements of traditional Japanese Buddhism and Shinto. This is not only a great learning tool, but also one way to emphasize acceptance and increase tolerance for religious differences. And instead of focuses on the differences between them, be sure the games, quizzes and associated conversations emphasize the similarities found in them. Children are eager learners, let’s channel this energy into creating a more peaceful and accepting world.

Find Great Deals on Grand Canyon Vacations

A trip to the Grand Canyon is in the works for many families. After several years of scrimping and struggling just to meet their bills, more and more households are able to afford vacations again, many for the first time in years. They will be relieved to discover that they can find some great deals on vacations to the Grand Canyon.

Transportation is an issue for anyone visiting the Canyon. Flying to Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Flagstaff are options. The larger the airport, the easier it will be to find discount airfares. Then it is a matter of finding a good deal on a car rental or signing up for a tour that will transport them directly to the Canyon. Tours may seem a bit pricey, but since they usually include all transportation costs, entrance fees, and parking fees, they may be considerably cheaper on a cost per person basis.

Those who are planning to stay at the Canyon for several days or a week will need to seek out deals at Tusayan hotels to save money. As an alternative they may want to consider camping at the Grand Canyon. In that case they will need to determine how to acquire camping gear, which can be rented nearby if it isn’t possible to bring it along on the trip.

Those that want to save the most money will want to consider visiting the Canyon during the off-season. In addition to lower prices, they will find the Canyon to be less crowded. They will also get to experience a different view of the area than summer visitors see.

Budgets for Cars

Buying a new car isn’t just about the sticker price and the maintenance agreement. It includes all the future oil changes, car washes, and replacing those firestone tires every few years. You need to budget that when considering how much car you can afford.

Just like a house, a car is an ongoing expense. It is an investment in transportation that will cost you money over time. This starts with the monthly car payment. It also include gas, oil changes, regular checkups and replacing things like batteries and air filters on a regular basis. You should also budget for maintenance over the life of the car, unless you are one of those people who trades in their car every year or two. Make sure you budget the cost of registering the vehicle, property taxes, if applicable, and auto insurance.

If you are true car lover, then you will likely have to account for additional expenses for the life of your vehicle. You may want to have your car detailed on a regular basis and have any scratches or dings removed. You probably want to switch out the standard rims or hubcaps that came with the vehicle for flashier versions. You may even want trick your car out with an eye-catching paint job, loads of accessories, and an expensive sound system. All of those things cost money — and that money should be budgeted out before you start shopping for a car.

Every CPAP Machine Needs Supplies

Medical equipment is becoming a fact of modern life for more and more people. Thanks to advances in medical technology and health insurance, individuals now have access to in home treatments that can significantly improve the quality of their life. These machines and devices usually require a prescription, but can be obtained from a variety of medical supply companies, including many that operate online.

For patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, a CPAP machine is a common treatment. The machine provides for continuous positive airway pressure . This allows people to breathe without interruption throughout the night. Without the machine their sleep is constantly interrupted as they stop breathing, sometimes as often as fifty times in a single hour. They don’t reach the deeper states of sleep that are necessary to restore the body and mind.

These machines require a variety of CPAP supplies in order to function properly. The basic equipment that most patients need are a CPAP mask and replacement tubing. Some doctors will also prescribe a pulse oximeter for monitoring blood oxygen levels. CPAP machines may need batteries and cleaning supplies. Patients can also purchase special head gear and pillows that make sleeping with the mask and tube more comfortable.

DUI Offenses in South Carolina

The laws associated with driving under the influence (usually referred to as DUI) can be quite severe in states like South Carolina. As with most states, the penalties in SC get worse with each new offense, so drivers should learn from their mistakes, or just avoid driving while drunk in any circumstance.

There are numerous conditions that can impact the punishment associated with DUI charges. Most drivers will want to talk to a Chester County DUI attorney so that they can fully understand the circumstances of their specific case. An experienced DUI lawyer may be able to successfully defend the charges or have the associated penalties reduced, depending on the situation.

The South Carolina DUI sentencing guidelines look at two separate points. The driver’s alcohol level (known as the BAC) at the time of the offense and any prior convictions for DUI. The higher the BAC, the stiffer the penalty. First time offenders can face sentences from minimal fines and community service to jail time. Repeat offenders will have higher fines and longer jail time. If the DUI incident endangered a child or resulted in serious injury, the punishment is even worse. Anyone convicted of a DUI is also forced to undergo addiction treatment or rehab.

Marcus Hill is a legal columnist and guest blogger. He covers legal and ethical topics for sites like

Everyone Needs Visitor Health Insurance

It sounds like a reasonable question — who needs to purchase visitor health insurance for trips abroad? The problem is that it’s not a matter of listing out categories of people who should or shouldn’t get insurance. Everyone traveling to a foreign country needs some type of health insurance.

Of course, not everyone bothers to get it. As a result they may find themselves stranded in a foreign country with an injury that they can’t afford to get treated. Or they lose a vital prescription and they don’t have the means to get it replaced. What’s even worse is suffering from a severe injury or illness and being stranded in a far away land because there is no money for appropriate medical transport to get them back home.

Those are just a few of the situations in which visitor health insurance pays off. For individuals who are on longer visits, such as international students, missionaries, or professionals working overseas on long assignments, health coverage is even more important. They need to be able to have regular preventative check ups, including dental cleanings. They may need maternity services or treatment for preexisting conditions. Some even need mental health care. Without health insurance, these services can be difficult or even impossible to arrange, depending on the medical system of a given country. The costs of paying for medical care out of pocket can quickly exceed the financial means of many people, making insurance essential.

Where to Find Information on Rental Companies

The internet was originally hailed as a place for sharing information and collaborating on important projects. It is living up to its potential, though it is arguable that much of the information present is of little value. Celebrity gossip, embarrassing videos and other entertaining or amusing sites that do little to contribute to the evolution of society seem to populate most of the web. Hidden in the middle of all that noise is lots of useful information. It’s just a matter of knowing where to find it.

For those who are looking for rental properties, identifying and choosing a property management company can be a chore. Experienced companies like TransGlobe property management can still be found in telephone books or local directories. Using a search engine and local search terms will reveal the names of additional companies in a given city or town. This may also reveal the official websites of property management firms, which should provide details about the company.

Another way to find out about companies is to ask for recommendations from co-workers, friends, and family who live in the same area. Larger management companies may have offices in multiple cities or provinces. Those that are relocating to a new area may want to check with the chamber of commerce, real estate associations, or consumer review groups like the Better Business Bureau in the US to get additional company names. Management firms like transglobe will be active in their communities and easy to find.